Brain Dead Teenager Saved 5 Lives in Kolkata

Fifteen-year-old Mallika Majumdar from Bengal, state in India, became the youngest organ donor in the state and saved at least five people.


Mallika, a student of class X, had an ear infection. After she was collapsed in the school, she was brought to Kolkata and admitted to ICU of SSKM Hospital. Mallika didn’t respond to the treatment as the infection had already spread to the brain and she gradually went into the coma. She was declared brain-dead on August 14.


“We were told that there is no possibility of our daughter returning to life and were convinced to donate her organs. That is our biggest consolation”, said her father Manik Majumder.


Mallika’s liver was transported via Green Corridor to 44-year-old man at Apollo Gleneagles; kidneys were donated to two patients- Moumita Chakraborty and Sanjib Das; cornea was donated to a patient at SSKM and part of her skin was grafted on a burn patient.


The Kolkata traffic police played a key role in the transplant of the liver. A Green Corridor ensured that donated liver reached the Apollo Gleneagles in no more than 10 minutes.

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