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Why Us

About India Health Solution

India Health Solution is a medical tourism platform which provides healthcare services and medical facilities to the patients coming from around the world. Especially from Middle East (Iraq, Oman, KSA, Bahrain and UAE), South Asian Countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma) and African Countries (Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and Congo).

India Health Solution is one of the best healthcare service providers which comprises of a group of skilled interpreters and medical coordinators who have the competence to fulfill the patients’ needs and facilitate them to perform the medical procedures during the treatment.

India Health Solution takes the opinions with globally renowned doctors and expert surgeons who have performed the most intricate surgeries. Our medical care facilities are highly cost efficient as compared to US or UK; saving up to 30% to 70% cost than US or UK.

Our Services

India Health Solution strives to gather the best advices and opinions from the prominent hospitals of the country and offering the following services to our respected clients:

1) Most Proficient & quick medical opinion and proper treatment.

2) Affordable costs and superb healthcare services by the best doctors & surgeons.

3) Provide the Visa Invitation Letter.

4) Pick up & drop facilities at airport.

5) Reasonable accommodation at guest house and best arrangements for sightseeing places.

6) Money exchange assistance, SIM card and mobile recharge facilities.

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